Happy Valentines Day 2019

Happy Valentines Day; Valentines Week List (15 Days) With Dates

Valentines Day is a very special occasion for all the lovers out there. On this day they can confess their love to the person they love the most and tell them how much that particular person means to them. Saying a very Happy Valentines Day is not that difficult. You just need to figure out what your loved one like the most and surprise them with something amazing to make them feel special. It is a day of celebration. You can sing your loved one’s favorite song to impress them.

LOVE is the most beautiful and powerful feeling in the whole world and to celebrate it a complete day is devoted to it. You can spend all day with your partner and share gifts and cards. Do you know how many days until Valentines Day? Well, it’s coming very soon and will be celebrated again on 14th of Feb. 2019. You can also visit Happy Valentines Day.

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History Of Valentines Day:

Do you want to know who invented Valentines Day? Or why valentine day is celebrated? Or what is Valentine’s Day meaning? Well, it all started in the 3rd century AD. This special day got its name from a person named Valentine. The common belief is that he was a priest in Rome. In the reign of Emperor Claudius II, he banned marriages because he believed that a married man was a bad soldier. But Valentine thought that this is unfair, so he broke the law and arranged marriages secretly. But then he was caught and was thrown in the dungeon and sentenced to death.

When he was in the dungeon, he fell in love with a jailor’s beautiful daughter. On the 14 February when he was taken to be hanged, he sent a letter to the jailor’s daughter and signed ‘From Your Valentine.’ That’s how it all started.

Here’s What Each Day Of February’s Days Of Love Signifies:

Each year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day on 14th February. A lot of people already know that there are some other days as well which we celebrate before and after Valentine’s Day. And if you are the one who doesn’t know then here in this article, we have compiled the list of all the days that we celebrate before and after the Valentine’s Day every year with dates.

  • Rose day 7 Feb.

What could be the better way to show you love than with roses? As a symbol of LOVE, people give roses to each other on the rose day. Red roses are usually associated with romance, and if you want to give something to your close friend, you can choose yellow flowers. You can choose any color roses to give to different individuals depending on your feelings for them. But it does not really matter what color of flowers you go for. Because when you love someone and give something with LOVE, it is always precious. And with roses, you can also add some beautiful cards with courageous o romantic messages written on them.

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  • Propose day 8 Feb.

This day is very special for people to tell their crush how much they love them. It is the second day of the Valentine’s Day week. On propose day you can directly go to your crush and propose them and say Happy Valentines Day. You should do something very special to make your proposal even better with choosing some beautiful gifts and cards. All you should do is while keeping the surroundings in your mind. And if you want to propose someone for marriage then what could be better than the propose day? We will celebrate the coming propose day on Friday.

  • Chocolate Day 9 Feb.

As the name suggests, on this special day you can spread love and happiness by sharing chocolates with your nearest and dearest ones. This day is the 3rd day of the week, and the coming year we will celebrate this day on Saturday. Candies and chocolates are age-old gifts for anniversaries, first dates, weddings and more. It is the perfect time to let your beloveds know how much they mean to you and how much you care for them with candies and chocolates. Saying Happy Valentines Day with chocolates is a great idea. The chocolates will spread sweetness in the air and make your date amazing.

  • Teddy Day 10 Feb.

Teddy bears are the beautiful and adorable gift to give tour beloved. When someone misses someone terribly, they can cuddle them. When people get angry, they can also hit upon them and even we can cry while cuddling them. An adorable little teddy bear will let your loved one know how much you love them. You can easily find small and big teddies in the market everywhere and can add a beautiful card with a romantic and most beautiful message to let your significant other know how much you care for them.

  • Promise day 11 Feb.

Promises are very simple to make but very hard to keep. On this day, you can make meaningful promises to your beloveds. It’s a pretty good idea to make promises but more than that we should focus on expressing our LOVE for the beloveds. But, in Valentine’s week, there is a day called promise day and every year we celebrate it on 11th February. So, do make promises on this day but before doing that make sure to fulfill your previous promises first as it will help a lot in making your relationship stronger than ever before.

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  • Hug day 12 Feb.

Sometimes a simple hug can say more than the words. So, on this day, share love and happiness by hugging your beloveds and let them know what you feel about them. Your simple hugs and saying Happy Valentine’s Day can brighten up everyone’s day. A hug is a charming and warm feeling that makes other happy. It is an important feeling of expressing affection and love. So, go ahead and make sure to hug your parents, grandparents, friends and other loved ones to make them happy and special.

  • Kiss day 13 Feb.

The day before Valentine’s Day is called kiss day. A kiss is the sweetest expression to represent affection, love, and passion. Kiss day is the sixth day in the Valentine’s Day week, and the coming year we will celebrate it on Wednesday. There are different ways to express your love to your loved one but the best form of expressing your love and affection is a kiss.

  • Kick day 16 Feb.

If your relationship does not work after spending a lot of money and time on your date then here is your chance to pay them back. You can clearly go Anti-Valentine. Surprised? Yes, there is something like going anti-valentine. The kick day comes after Valentine’s Day. If the girl/boy proposes again after the slap day, then they can kick in the stomach or anywhere. This day is the worst of all anti-valentine days, and no lover will ever like it.

  • Perfume day 17 Feb.

Right after the kick day, lovers celebrate a day called perfumed day. On this special day everybody especially lovers shares perfumes with each other. Every year people celebrate perfume day on 17th of Feb. love always stays with you. What happened if Valentine’s week or day has gone; you can still confess your love with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or wife/husband. So just go and buy some beautiful perfumes to gift your wife/husband or girlfriend/boyfriend on this occasion. But, make sure that perfume you are gonna buy matches his/her personality.

  • Flirt day 18 Feb.

After the perfume day, here comes the Flirt day. On this day, if you are still single, you can around and flirt with other people. But wait! Do we really need a particular day for flirting? Don’t people flirt every day? Well, flirting is an art. This kind of attention is a very smart way of making and maintaining your relationship fun and playful and your girlfriend will never know how you actually feel unless you tell her.

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  • Confession Day 19 Feb.

Confession day is celebrated on 19th of Feb. every year after Valentine’s week is ended. Confession is something that is really difficult and hard to do. But at the same time, it is an extremely beautiful thing if an individual recognizes its significance in love.

  • Missing Day 20 Feb.

The missing day is the one on which you remember the missing ones (LOVE).  It is the final day in the series of some strange but really beautiful and valuable days. You have already celebrated perfume day, kick day, flirting day and confession day after the great merriment of Valentines Day. But this particular day has its own value. We will celebrate the coming missing day on Wednesday.

So, go out and celebrate all these days with your friends and loved one even if you had a very bad Valentines Day, you can still celebrate kick day, and flirt day and so on to make it clear that you did not like your beloved’s behavior! There is no point in crying over spilled milk, is there?